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Lena Dunham 'listens' to friends

Lena Dunham is "attentive" with her co-stars on the set of Girls, says actor Alex Karpovsky.

The 27-year-old has become a household name since creating the hit US TV show. Alex Karpovsky, who plays Ray in the series, is full of praise for Lena's friendly attitude on set.

"I feel very comfortable with her. She's very easy to work with, attentive and a great listener," he told British magazine Grazia. "I respect her as a writer, she's engaging, hilarious and grounded in authenticity. I think it's amazing that she's been able to sculpt this vision that is unfamiliar to TV."

In the last season, Ray saw his romance with Shoshanna hit a rocky patch. The relationship had always been complicated because at 34, Ray is 12 years older than Shoshanna.

Alex admits he would find his character frustrating to deal with in real life.

"He's nurturing a lot of personal issues. Ray's pretty cynical and judgemental, but I'd enjoy listening to his world view on many 'state of the nation' subjects, though. I think I'd need a break from him pretty quickly," the actor said. "Ray is annoyed by these hipsters he sees before him and their world view that's enveloped in irony. He likes Shoshanna because he sees her as genuine and raw. But they're both fumbling into the unknown. It's a rocky situation.

"I think he feels like the fact he's older makes him responsible for the other characters. He feels obligated to provide advice to Charlie and Hannah, despite the fact it can be misguided and perverse."

Alex also spoke about the forthcoming third season of Girls. He has hinted that viewers will be given a glimpse into Ray's background.

"We're shooting until September and we begin to explore the underpinnings and back stories of a lot of the characters, including Ray," he added. "I think it's hopeful [his future situation]. He feels like a failure but he's taking steps towards self-improvement. There is hope for Ray."

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