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Lena Dunham: My name was almost illegal

Lena Dunham has decided to get fit as she feels like a "bag of trash" stood next to her parents.

The 28-year-old star's moniker has become one of the most well-known in the world thanks to her hit show Girls and book, Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned.

After her birth, Lena's mother and father were planning to give her both their surnames, but quickly discovered that putting the two together resulted in an inappropriate acronym.

"No I don't have one [a middle name]... My name was going to be Lena Simmons Dunham, Simmons is my mother's last name, but then, as they were filling out the birth certificate, they realised my initials would be LSD and I think that just brought on too many complex memories for them," she smirked to talk show host David Letterman.

"I did pick one [a middle name] when I was in... well, a little kid, I used to call myself Lena Lucky Fred Ned Cookie Milky Simmons Dunham."

When host David offered the name Marie to fill the spot Lena was initially unsure, viewing it as such a "basic" choice.

However she does see the perks, one of them being that no one can make a joke when they ask her middle name.

While on the show Lena also touched upon improving her physical fitness, which came about after realising her parents are in better shape than her.

"You're more than twice my age and I look like a bag of trash next to you... My dad did say to me that my inner light is finally turned on. And I wanted to know, well was it turned off before? And did you love me?" she laughed.

When viewing a snap of her taking part in AcroYoga - which sees her balancing on the legs of a muscly looking man - Lena joked if she had been this adventurous in her early 20s, she'd have had a "better time in the boyfriend department".

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