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Lena's sick of sex stories

Lena Dunham has joked it's hard for her to go out for brunch these days as strangers always stop her to talk about sex.

The actress writes and stars in Girls, the TV show about a group of 20-somethings who are making their way in New York City. Much has been made of the racy nude scenes included, with Lena admitting they have caused her to have some unusual fan encounters.

"The fact is, now everybody tells me their sex stories. Happens all the time. They come up to me on the street. I listen - but, hey, if you're on your way to brunch, you really don't want to stop and listen to a story about fellatio," she laughed to New York Post.

Lena and her co-stars Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet attended a screening to mark the third season of the show in New York City earlier this week.

She discussed how she goes about penning the script, insisting she has no set routine and instead goes with the flow.

"I work at night. Sometimes I go home, spew out an episode immediately. Sometimes it takes two, three weeks. Lots are my own go-to experiences. This season the characters are maturing. Same topic. Same intensity. But a different kind of raunch," she said.

"One day I'd like to include a gay wedding. I'm hoping I'll get invited to one so I have the experience."

Much has been made of Lena's figure, which she regularly shows off on the programme. She is curvier than many other actresses and has always insisted she is body confident and won't be dieting any time soon.

The 27-year-old star explained there are many plus points to being different to the Hollywood ideal.

"I'll try to keep this," she said of the silver sequinned Rochas dress she wore to the event. "I'm a little fat so not much for them to want it back because few others can wear it. Look, I haven't weighed myself in two years. I'd rather just enjoy life."

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