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Leslie Mann: I cry when I'm tired

Leslie Mann realised she was overtired when she began weeping at a TV commercial which was in a foreign language.

The 42-year-old actress has been jetting around the world promoting her movie The Other Woman lately, with things getting on top of her when she was in Amsterdam. She had only managed to sleep for three hours on the plane, but didn't realise how much it had affected her until she switched on the TV.

"Everyone was going out for dinner and they were all like, 'Come to dinner,' and I said, 'OK.' I was watching TV in my room and I started crying at this Dutch commercial. I couldn't even understand what they were saying," she laughed to British magazine Stylist. "And I thought, 'I shouldn't go out.' I just started crying from being tired. Like a baby."

In 2012 Leslie appeared in This Is 40, which was written and directed by her husband Judd Apatow. It is about a couple on the verge of reaching the landmark age and whose lives aren't going as expected. Much of the comedy in it came from the couple's life, which the actress eventually realised wasn't such a good idea during promotional duties.

"The thing that bothered me, and I always tell Judd this, a lot of it is based on our lives but some of it is super exaggerated and some of it's based on our friends' lives or whatever," she explained. "I mean, we decided to put it out there, it's our own fault, but I did feel it was a little invasive at times. I kept getting annoyed because it was like, 'Argh! Everyone's in my business.'"

Leslie and Judd have two children, who the actress misses hugely when she is away from them. They also play into her biggest extravagance, which is lying in bed all day and watching TV when she has the house to herself.

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