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Lewis Hamilton sweats over Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton would never record a duet with Nicole Scherzinger as she'd "kill him" with her vocals.

The Formula 1 driver is currently on a high after becoming World Champion for a second time in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. His girlfriend Nicole was on hand to congratulate him, planting a kiss on his helmet as he jumped into the crowd following the race.

No one can deny his love of racing, but when away from the spotlight Lewis prefers a different vehicle to get about.

"You know what, I ride a motorbike more, most of the time... Nicole loves going for a tour around, and we always drive out to France, she loves going out on the bike," he told BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw.

"[I let Nicole drive] very rarely. Yeah, it's... OK [laughs]. No you know what, she's great. I let her drive, this is how good she is, I let her drive... I have a Cobra 1967 and I let her drive it and on a real tight road up to her house. I let her, and I don't let anyone drive my car. My dad's perhaps the only person that I would ever let get in the car 'cos I know he treats the thing just the same as me. I know he'll be fine. I let her drive this car, and this is a really expensive car, all the way to her house and jeez I was sweating all the way there. She drove so well!"

The couple have been dating on and off since 2007 and things appear to be going better than ever for them now. Lewis shares Nicole's love of singing and has been recording music which could be out next year.

"I go to the studio and I like to put down thoughts... I like being creative and it's a real passion. I'm singing," he explained.

"I built the studio [in my house] for Nicole so she didn't have to leave the house to go back to LA to record, and she came and she could never get in it 'cos I was always in it! No [we'd never do a duet], 'cos she's just too good a singer. She's insane... She'd just kill me."

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