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Liam Hemsworth home claims dismissed

Liam Hemsworth is reportedly not staying in his Australian property to get over Miley Cyrus.

Amidst rumours the actor has split from his fiancée Miley Cyrus Liam has spent time in a property in his home country of Australia, which was purchased by his parents late last year.

Reports suggested he was using the $1.6million home to deal with the supposed split, but friends say the gossip is ridiculous.

“What’s so surprising about an Australian guy buying a three-bedroom condo in his native country?" a source marvelled to the Chicago Sun-Times.

"Wouldn’t you expect that Liam and Miley would be spending at least some of the time living in Australia after they get married?”

The young couple got engaged in June 2012 but have encountered problems recently, with 20-year-old Miley's drastic image overhaul listed as one of the reasons.

Liam is also rumoured to have strayed with Mad Men star January Jones and it seems Miley has had enough of the hearsay.

"that awkward moment when someone is talking and it takes everything inside of you to not scream SHUT THE HELL UP (in Madea voice of course) (sic)," she posted on Twitter.

The former Hannah Montana star recently took to the site to inform her followers she would only be tweeting about her music in future, saying she was "sick of the lies" and branding social media "draining".

Luckily it seems the blonde starlet has had some help from her famous pals.

"I think I have given more cyber kisses to @MileyCyrus than anyone else on the internet. Whats going on? haha. ;) (sic)," Evan Rachel Wood wrote on her Twitter page recently.

According to reports, the pair have not yet called off the wedding and spokespeople for the couple remain tight-lipped.

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