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Liam Hemsworth's uncles called him the devil

Liam Hemsworth has shared the meaning behind his childhood nickname Triple Six, bestowed upon him by his uncles.

Liam Hemsworth was so naughty as a child, his family called him the devil.

The actor appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (13Jun16), and let slip that when he was growing up in Australia, he used to get into all sorts of trouble.

In fact, his uncles used to call him Triple Six, which Liam explained was a reference to "the devil's number".

"They said that they tried to exorcise me at one point but it didn't work...'You're too far gone,'" he recalled his uncles saying, causing the late night show audience to burst into laughter.

The 26-year-old also said that his parents couldn't leave himself and his older brothers, actor Chris, 32, and Luke, 35, with babysitters when they growing up as they would fight too much.

"There was a time when mum and dad went away and myself and my oldest brother Luke stayed with my grandma and grandpa and then Chris had to stay with our uncle because we were just too much trouble," he shared. "Me and Chris, we would argue and fight about who was going to sit in the front seat (of the car) and any little thing."

Having now outgrown his childhood craziness, Liam, who is reportedly once again engaged to former flame Miley Cyrus, admits that he's helping his nieces and nephews become new Triple Sixes.

"We just let them go crazy," Liam dished, explaining he lets them do whatever they like, including paint his face.

Action man Liam added that he still likes to have fun, and he had a great time on the set of his upcoming film Independence Day: Resurgence. However the alien flick also gave him nightmares which included his co-star Jeff Goldblum.

"I try not to take my work home with me but I had terrible nightmares about me and Jeff Goldblum getting chased by aliens. No fighting, just running away with Jeff," he laughed.

Independence Day: Resurgence is set to hit theatres from 22 June (16).

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