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Liam Neeson: I miss Northern Irish cheese

The thing Liam Neeson most misses about his birthplace is the cheese.

The actor was born in Ballymena but now lives in the US with sons Micheál, and Daniel, who he has with late wife Natasha Richardson.

He only makes it back to his birthplace a few times a year, but admits there are certain things he misses about his home country.

"Where you're bringing up your family, that's your home," he reasoned to TV show Good Morning Britain.

"I miss Ireland when I'm there. I used to miss, very much, Northern Irish strong cheddar cheese. Now I've found a couple of shops in Queens; there's a big Irish centre in New York where I can get that stuff."

The 62-year-old currently stars in A Walk Among the Tombstones, alongside former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens. He looks a far cry from his character Matthew Crawley on the period drama, and Liam admits it took a moment to place the 31-year-old star.

"When I first met him, I hadn't seen too many Downton episodes. There was something very familiar about him, and I had to ask him," Liam said of his co-star.

"He's playing a very good New York accent."

One of Liam's most popular roles to date is Bryan Mills in the Taken franchise. The original 2008 film saw him use the classic line "I will find you, and I will kill you" while talking to his daughter's kidnappers on the phone.

There's a scene in A Walk Among the Tombstones that involves the actor taking an important phone call; something that meant he was initially sceptical about taking the part.

"Let's just say: when the first Taken came out, if I had 25 cents for every time I had to leave a message on one of my sons' friends' answering machines, I'd be a very rich man," he chuckled.

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