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Liam tells Noel: Get off 1D's case

Liam Gallagher has continued his feud with brother Noel on Twitter.

The brothers, who used to perform together as Oasis, have been feuding on and off for years, but recently they moved their fights to Twitter for the world to see.

Noel also recently decided to give his two cents regarding the One Direction drama, which saw Zayn Malik leave the band in March. He scoffed at the star's comments about wanting to be a "normal 22-year-old", and warned he didn't think his decision through.

But it seems his brother Liam isn't of the same opinion, also taking the opportunity to laugh at Noel's band, Noel's High Flying Birds, which uses a saxophone on its latest record.

"Hey NG leave those 1d kids alone LG x" he tweeted.

"Just coz you have a SAXAPHONE on your new record and you think your all Pink Floyd LG x

"Everybody knows your just another P***K in the wall LG x

"While ive been hybernating Ive been gathering my Wings LG x (sic)"

Yesterday Liam also called Noel out on apparently starting rumours of an Oasis reunion, claiming he then has to let people down by assuring them it's not going to happen. Liam also had his own band, Beady Eye, but they disbanded last year.

"Re oasis rumours you know I don't b*m the press never had never will you know where I am if you need me LG x (sic)," he added.

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