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Liberty Ross: Be true to yourself

Liberty Ross advises being true to yourself, even if you're facing difficult choices.

The model-and-actress went through a highly-publicised divorce with her ex-husband Rupert Sanders after pictures surfaced of him sharing a passionate embrace with Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

The pair had worked together on film Snow White and the Huntsman, and at the time of the clinch Kristen was dating Robert Pattinson.

Now Liberty, 36, looks back at that period and doesn't regret any of her actions following the scandal.

"I've always been very sure of my choices and wouldn't change anything," Liberty explained to British magazine Grazia.

"The most valuable thing I can share is the importance of living in truth. Sometimes, facing those truths can actually be your worst fear. Trusting your gut is always the best thing - no matter what people around you insist you should be doing or saying or thinking. Only you know, and once you live in truth, your heart is completely free."

She went on to say how happy she is with life right now, especially as she has a burgeoning career as designer after teaming up with denim brand Genetic.

As well as a hectic work schedule, Liberty is also a hands-on mom to her and Rupert's children Tennyson and Skyla.

"Motherhood changed me enormously," she confessed. "Life made sense once I had a baby.

"I was only 25 when I had my first, so I really didn't know what I was doing. I'd just moved to LA, I didn't know anyone and I was breastfeeding on the hilltop kind of thinking, 'Wow, what happened?'"

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