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Lilly: I’m a pick-pocket

Evangeline Lilly has admitted she lifted a rubber stamp from the set of her movie, Ant-Man.

The 35-year-old Canadian actress simply can’t resist some of the goodies presented to her while she is filming TV shows and movies.

Evangeline even finds little items too appealing to pass up.

“On Ant-Man, I took a rubber stamp from the office of Hank Pym, who's played by Michael Douglas,” she recalled to People magazine. “I'm a bit of a pick-pocket on-set. If something is small enough to go in my pocket and it will be neat memorabilia, it's gone.”

The stunning brunette rose to international fame after starring as Kate Austen in TV show, Lost.

Evangeline says she still gets recognised for the role, but not as frequently.

“It's been better since Lost finished,” she detailed. “I still always get ‘Kate!’ and ‘Freckles!’ I used to go, ‘Oh, no, I just look like her,’ but I've sort of given up on that. It's too much work.”

Evangeline likes to have a good time wherever she goes.

She recently took over the dance floor at a family party.

“Oh, about a month ago at my cousin's wedding, I danced up a storm until they were kicking us out of the building,” Evangeline shared. “I love to dance. Don't get me started, because you will never get me to stop.”

Evangeline shares son Kahekili with her partner Norman Kali.

And she gets a huge kick out of her little boy.

“He's three and he loves to talk. We were at a polo match, and he saddled up to this older boy and said, ‘Hey, I like your boots. Where'd you get those? From a horse?’ His conversation starters can be a bit awkward,” Evangeline laughed.

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