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Lilo and Miley ‘excited to party’

Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus partied together at a New York City nightclub over the weekend.

The two stars were both at famed New York City nightclub 1OAK in the early hours of Sunday morning. Although they arrived with different people as soon as they saw each other they couldn't be parted.

"Lindsay Lohan was at a nearby table and came running over to Miley’s table. The girls started giggling and whispering. They made several trips to the bathroom together and then left out a back exit, so they wouldn't be spotted by the paparazzi," an insider told RadarOnline.

According to New York Post, Lindsay was so determined to speak to the former Disney star she even clamoured over a table to get to Miley.

The evening comes not long after Lindsay completed a 90-day court-ordered rehab stint in connection to a car crash she was in last year. Following her treatment the 27-year-old star insisted she was on the wagon and freshly determined to kick-start her career. For that reason her decision to party at clubs over the last few weeks has caused raised eyebrows, although she is not thought to have consumed alcohol.

Another issue is that at 20, Miley is not old enough to legally be in the venue in America as the drinking age is 21. It is claimed she did consume some alcohol, although that hasn't been confirmed. She was partying with Magic Johnson's son EJ Johnson, who is also underage.

Lindsay was with Ralph Lauren model Morgan O’Connor, who is rumoured to be her new beau.

The Mean Girls actress and former Hannah Montana star made the most of their evening and were seen leaving together at 5am.

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