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LiLo 'wants escape from US hate'

Lindsay Lohan reportedly feels like a target in the US.

The 27-year-old troubled actress has been staying in London recently, and recent reports have suggested she’s considering a permanent relocation.

A source now tells RadarOnline the thought of moving across the Atlantic is only becoming more appealing as Lindsay feels less like a target in the UK.

“Lindsay’s convinced everyone in America is out to get her, but she’s had the opposite experience in London,” a source explained.

“She loves British culture and says people have treated her with respect for the first time in years. Now she’s looking into the immigration process and planning a full-time relocation.”

The insider claims LiLo has already found her favourite local spots, as well as a few good friends in the British capitol.

But the outlet reports her temporary move hasn’t prompted much of a change in her party girl persona

A source recently told Radar Lindsay has “fallen off the wagon” and has been seen out until the early hours of the morning, although she’s telling friends she’s still sober following her court-ordered rehab stint last year.

Another source said the actress’ outlook seems a little brighter in terms of her business prospects.

“While in London, she’s had a bunch of business meetings about modeling and TV gigs and for the first time in months things are looking up,” the source said.

An insider previously told British magazine Heat the only thing stopping the star from making a permanent move may be her finances.

"Lindsay's been telling everyone she wants to rent in London, but she's lacking the funds,” the source said. "She's asking friends if they have flats here that she can use. But, so far, all are saying no."

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