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LiLo’s ‘in denial’

Lindsay Lohan is said to be “in denial” about her alleged problems.

The 27-year-old star spent 90 days in court-ordered rehab last year, before leaving the Cliffside Malibu centre at the end of July.

She recently made the headlines when Kode Magazine claimed she declared to them during an interview, under the influence of alcohol, she was dating a married man. This rumoured discussion took place at Coachella festival, where Lindsay attended with her younger sibling Ali – who is said to be worried about her sister’s actions.

“Lindsay’s sister Ali was shocked by her behaviour at Coachella and told pals she couldn’t believe she was falling back into old habits. She kept insisting she was drinking bottled water but everyone suspected it was alcohol. She was swaying and slurring her words,” a source told British magazine Closer. “Her friends were also confused by her married man revelations – they don’t know she she’d be so public about it.

“Lindsay’s in denial and telling everyone that she’s fine. She says she’s getting focused on getting her career back on track and that rehab is the last thing she needs because she wants to be working.”

Lindsay has been open on her reality show for Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN. During one episode she revealed she had suffered a miscarriage while filming the programme – an announcement which has received mixed reactions.

The flame-haired star is said to feel hurt by the negativity surrounding her, especially as she is trying to be truthful.

“Lindsay’s so upset by the criticism she’s received over her revelations. She thought her honesty would get her sympathy, not abuse. She’s been in floods of tears,” the insider added.

“Friends are worried to see Lindsay sink back into her old partying habits and have told her it’s time to get help. Lindsay’s her own worst enemy and pals are trying to be stern with her. They’ve told her if she doesn’t change her ways, she could end up dead.”

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