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LiLo's mother 'selling her stuff'

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly not happy about her mother's plans to sell her things online.

Dina Lohan is getting rid of the Mean Girls actress' clothing, furniture and artwork without her permission, reports TMZ. The 52-year-old is reportedly listing the items Lindsay left at her house while she filmed her docuseries with Oprah Winfrey last year.

However, the 28-year-old is furious with her mother and is threatening to shut down with a little help from the police, the outlet added.

While Lindsay believes the items are worth a lot of money, Dina reportedly thinks whatever has been left in her garage is hers to sell online and to friends if she wishes.

The mother and daughter's relationship is allegedly already under strain after it was reported over the weekend that Dina is in the final stages of signing up to the celebrity UK version of reality show Big Brother.

Lindsay has spent a lot of time in England in the last year, having starred in West End show Speed-the-Plow. TMZ previously reported that Dina was excited at the thought of getting to spend time with her daughter in London but the redhead had other ideas.

Lindsay "flipped out" on the phone when Dina rang to share the news, claiming she had no right to follow her to the English capital.

"Lindsay doesn't want Dina in England, partly because she feels her mom is a bad influence and partly because she's just bad luck," the outlet added. "Lindsay says she's doing well and doesn't want it screwed up."

However her mom thinks she has no right to exile her from the country.

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