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Lily Collins confused by attention

Lily Collins doesn't understand why the paparazzi have such an obsession with her as there are "much more interesting people" around.

The actress is currently carving out a name for herself in Hollywood, and is starring as Snow White alongside Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer in Mirror Mirror.

Lily is still getting used to the attention she is attracting.

"Until recently I'd never had a situation where I'd been eating somewhere and left and there were ten people waiting for me," she told the UK edition of OK! magazine.

"I'm like 'Why are you even here for me? There are much more interesting people down the street!' So far, I can deal with it - I can still go about being me and I hope that never goes away."

Lily is the daughter of musician Phil Collins. The 23-year-old star has recalled the level of attention surrounding her legendary father.

"It's funny, whenever I'd be out with him and people would ask to take photos, it wasn't like someone was following us round with a camera, it was a true fan or someone who really admired him asking for a photo," she said.

"That's very different than being stalked by ten paparazzi!"

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