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Lily Collins: I'm living a fairy-tale

Lily Collins has likened Hollywood to a real-life fairy-tale.

The actress plays Snow White in the adaption of the classic tale Mirror Mirror. She can relate to her character's life in the movie based on the book by the Brothers Grimm.

"[Hollywood is a fairy-tale] but a tale of Grimm, with its dark side and its wonderful side," she told the French edition of Elle magazine.

"Personally, I am surrounded by people I love, who love me, and I stay positive. I am a really good observer and I'm conscious that a lot of interests are mixed with each decision. But if I'm not cast for a movie, I take it as it is and just move on."

As for finding love in real life, she only hopes her future partner will treat her right. However, she has no time for boys as she concentrates on her career.

"My prince charming, he will be the one who will make me laugh, with whom I'll feel good, special, protected, who will take care of me... But well, for now, I'm very concentrated on my work," she said.

The daughter of British musician Phil Collins may be honing her acting in films but her first love is writing. She is studying journalism at the University of Southern California.

"I love to write. When I was young, I wrote my own stories, but today journalism interests me the most. Writing a script may be tempting, but it is very intimidating," she said.

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