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Thursday 17 April 2014

Lily in love with love

Lily Collins

Lily Collins thinks listening to the mind is important when falling in love.

The 24-year-old is the actress of the moment, starring in hits such as Stuck in Love and the hotly-anticipated Mortal Instruments franchise.

She was linked to co-star Jamie Campbell Bower, but is currently believed to be single.

This doesn't stop the pretty brunette from dreaming about finding The One.

"I love a love story and I believe in true romance," she gushed to the latest edition of British magazine Company.

"I do believe in listening to your mind as well and that you need to be smart about certain things - to protect yourself. You need a healthy mix of both really, but it's important not to think so much that you're not able to follow your heart."

Lily rocks her own look and is known for sporting fashion-forward pieces on the red carpet.

Part of her unique look is a small piece of body art, which, unlike many parents, her mother loves.

"The tattoo on my wrist is a combination of a British crown, angel wings, a heart and the initials LJ," the UK star explained.

"It's very delicate. My mom and I went and got one together - they're not matching, but we got them done at the same time."

Lily's star is sure to keep rising as The Mortal Instruments franchise continues.

The petite actress revealed whose career she is keen to emulate.

"I want to be as successful as Natalie Portman," she said of the Black Swan actress.

"I love her films. The way she commands a screen is amazing - especially as she's quite small in reality, with delicate features, yet she is so powerful to watch."

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