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Lily James and Holliday Grainger: Magic is real!

Holliday Grainger still believes that fairies and witches are real.

The two British stars can be seen in Kenneth Branagh's live action remake of Disney's telling of Cinderella, which hits cinemas later this month.

Lily takes on the role of the beautiful and kind Cinderella, with Holliday playing one of her mean, ugly step-sisters alongside Lily's Downton Abbey co-star Sophie McShera.

"Oh yeah, I still can't help but definitely believe that fairies are real. I'm pretty sure witches are out there as well," Holliday confessed to Cover Media. "I've been spending a bit of time in Ireland recently and I'm definitely sure all the forests there are full of all sorts of magical creatures."

"I'm with you. I believe," Lily added with a smile.

Cinderella also features Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother.

Kenneth decided to tone down the magic in the movie, with only Cinderella's transformation scene featuring any wizardry.

"I like the fact that the film allows for people to maybe have a think about that [magic]. We contain our magic a little less than in other accounts of the story to an essential single visit from the Fairy Godmother to allow for the idea that different kinds of eternal transformations can occur and maybe without that extra help. But I think that it's very nice to think occasionally the universe in some form will help us out when we need it," he explained.

Kenneth also shunned singing in his version, and toned down the animal action. In the 1950's version Cinderella has a close friendship with the mice and other animals that lived in the house, but it was not so prominent in the new movie.

"The first Disney animated film was full of singing and lots of cat and mouse action and we have so much else going on in the movie it felt the natural way to go. And we do have the sensational score, in my view anyway, by Patrick Doyle so there is a strong musicals element," Kenneth said.

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