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Lily James: I’m anonymous

Lily James hasn’t changed much since she landed a part on hit British TV series, Downton Abbey.

The 25-year-old actress is currently experiencing a meteoric rise to fame, as she plays the lead role in Disney’s new live-action picture Cinderella.

She first started becoming a household name after joining the cast of Downton Abbey in 2012, but Lily insists no one recognises her when she walks down the street.

“I’m really anonymous,” she told British newspaper The Independent. “I think I’m quite chameleon-y. I look quite different on camera to how I look in the flesh. Some people have such unique faces or such a strong look that you can’t help but notice them. I don’t think I’m really like that.”

Lily doesn’t believe much of her life has changed. She acknowledges after the international press tour for Cinderella ends, she’ll be returning home to her apartment in Peckham, South East London.

But Lily confesses she’s experienced a few moments of existential crisis due to her rising fame.

“I’m at a point in my life where you start questioning your choices and you think ‘Why did I do this? Do I love this?’” she shared.

Lily was born with the surname Thomson, but after the star graduated from drama school she decided to get a new stage name, as an actress named Lily Thomson already existed.

And she confesses referring to herself as ‘Lily James’ can get tricky at times.

“I was really upset,” she said of having to adopt ‘Lily James’ as an alias. “But I changed it to ‘James’ which was my dad’s name. It’s really important to me now.

“It’s confusing – when you book a ticket to a play or when I check into a hotel, I never know which name to give and you seem like an imposter.”

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