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Thursday 27 August 2015

Lindsay Lohan could return to jail

Published 22/10/2010

Lindsay Lohan has to return to court
Lindsay Lohan has to return to court

Lindsay Lohan is returning to familiar territory - a criminal court to face a judge who could send her back to jail or rehab for a failed drug test.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge will determine whether the Mean Girls star violated her probation with the drug test in September.

If the actress admits the results are accurate - as she has already done publicly - then the judge could return her to jail or order her to remain in an inpatient rehab programme.

The judge had been expecting Lilo to arrive at court directly from jail, where he ordered her to be held on September 24 after a brief hearing. But within hours, another judge had overturned his ruling and the star was released on bail.

The following week, an unnamed source close to the actress said Lindsay had entered rehab for the fifth time.

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