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Lindsay Lohan 'dated in rehab'

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly enjoying a romantic relationship while at the Cliffside Malibu rehab center.

The 27-year-old actress left the Cliffside Malibu facility last week following a court-ordered 90-day treatment programme.

Lindsay allegedly started a month-long romantic relationship with a male in the clinic, which led to him being kicked out for "inappropriate sexual relations".

According to a former patient, the two started "dating" almost immediately and have continued to meet up.

“Prior to Lindsay’s arrival I was roommates with the guy who ended up dating her. When she came, the first or second day they ended up kissing and it was on from there,” the insider revealed to Radar Online.

“The guy was actually dating someone else in rehab at the time and Lindsay told him he needed to get rid of that other girl and be with her only. She was really territorial with him.”

The source added that the pair didn't hide their relationship while they were together, which rubbed many people up the wrong way. The former patient revealed that the obvious nature of their romance ultimately led to the male being removed from the centre.

“Everybody in rehab knew they were dating. It was pretty obvious. But the guy eventually got kicked out because of Lindsay,” the source explained.

“The guy who owns Cliffside slacked on the rules for Lindsay, but they got cocky with their relationship and people got uncomfortable with the situation, saying they couldn’t do that stuff when people are trying to get well.

“I know that’s why he was asked to leave, because Cliffside made a big scene about it. They interviewed everyone about it...”

Lindsay's boyfriend is said to have been placed in an all-male treatment centre. However, the pair are still reportedly seeing each other away from the confines of the clinic.

“They’re still together now. They go to meetings outside and she meets him there. She still talks to him every day,” the insider continued.

“He was at my house in Orange County on July 4th and Lindsay was totally controlling him, calling him saying she was going to get a car to pick him up or something because she wanted to see him. It was crazy.”

Although Lindsay is said to have admitted to the fellow patient that she "likes to have someone to control", the guy apparently has other plans for their fledging romance.

“He thinks they’re going to last. He’s trying to hold on to her. And she’s stringing him along, saying she wants to take him to New York,” the source went on.

“But Lindsay’s a typical rescuer type. She thinks she can fix him or something...”

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