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Lindsay Lohan ‘dating DJ’

Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to be romancing a DJ called Julian Cavin.

The 26-year-old actress is apparently enjoying a dalliance with 22-year-old Julian Cavin. They have not been seeing each other for that long and it’s thought their romance is yet to become serious.

“‘Dating’ may be too heavy of a word to use right now,” an insider told New York Daily News. “They haven’t been hooking up that long.”

The source added Lindsay and Julian enjoyed an evening out together in New York City on Friday, where they were seen “sucking face” by other partygoers.

“They spent all weekend together and they’re seeing each other,” another insider explained.

Lindsay accompanied Julian to one of his recent gigs at a nightspot called GoldBar in Manhattan, a venue where he regularly plays.

She apparently turned up with a friend and raised many eyebrows when she immediately started dirty dancing with Julian.

When one of the DJ’s friends remarked to Lindsay’s pal that the actress and Julian seemed like “a cute couple”, the troubled star apparently got annoyed.

Lindsay reportedly immediately started swearing and made it her mission to have the woman expelled from the venue.

“Lindsay grabbed every bouncer and bottle girl she could find and goes ‘Get this girl the f**k out of here,’” a source told the publication.

It seems the star’s protests didn’t go down well with staff, who ignored her and allowed the unnamed female to continue her evening. Lindsay eventually left the bar.

“We don’t comment on the clientele at GoldBar, celebrity or not,” a spokesperson for the nightspot said.

Lindsay has dated DJs in the past, most notably Samantha Ronson who she was with on-and-off for two years.

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