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Lindsay Lohan 'embarrassed' by half-sister

Lindsay Lohan "doesn't have a desire" to acquaint herself with her half-sister.

It was revealed this week on The Trisha Goddard Show that the 26-year-old actress' father Michael is the biological parent of 17-year-old girl Ashley Horn.

On talk show Good Morning America in response to a question about Ashley, Lindsay replied, "I didn't even hear that, so thanks for the news!"

Apparently that is a fabrication, as the star is mortified by the situation.

"[Lindsay] absolutely knew she had a half-sister for a very long time," a source told Radar Online.

"Lindsay has Google news alerts set up for every member of her family, including her dad, so when it made news yesterday, she absolutely read about it. However, Lindsay found out long before that she has a half-sister. Lindsay is embarrassed by it and doesn't have a desire to meet her sibling."

Lindsay was dropped by her publicist Steve Honig in October following a failed intervention staged by her father Michael.

Her new public relations team is reportedly intent on changing the public's perception of her.

"GMA had to agree in writing before the interview that Lindsay wouldn't be asked ANY questions about the many criminal legal issues she was facing, including the looming lying to cops charge after her car accident last summer," the source said.

"Lindsay's new PR team is working to craft a new image of her, and this includes only having her do print and television interviews that they can control."

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