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Lindsay Lohan 'flawless' at SNL rehearsals

Lindsay Lohan is blowing everyone away during her rehearsals for Saturday Night Live, it is reported.

The 25-year-old actress will host the iconic show this weekend and she had impressed her colleagues with her level of professionalism so far.

RadarOnline reports that the Mean Girls star is enjoying her first full day of rehearsals today after going through her lines for three to four hours yesterday.

And although Lindsay was "excited" but apprehensive about how she would be received, she has settled in well with them.

"Lindsay had been a little nervous about how the cast and crew would treat her," a source told the site. "Lindsay arrived early for rehearsals on Tuesday, and was embraced warmly by everyone."

"Lindsay's comedic timing is absolutely flawless. She is absolutely clear headed and looks great."

The troubled starlet is having to now rebuild her career and image after several years hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

But she told The Today Show's Matt Lauer in an interview airing tomorrow that she knows she has a lot of fences to mend.

"I still need to go through the process of proving myself," Lindsay said. "You know with SNL, being on time, being you know, keeping my - can't say the word - but stuff together."

Lindsay is also set to star as Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic about the legendary actress.

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