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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Lindsay Lohan 'in grip of addiction'

Lindsay Lohan

Michael Lohan blames his daughter Lindsay's erratic behaviour on "the addict" inside her.

The troubled actress was recently ordered to spend 90 days in rehab after pleading no contest to misdemeanour charges of reckless driving, lying to authorities and obstructing police from performing their duties.

The star has also come under fire for acting out of line on set, but her dad Michael says people need to understand why she is behaving irrationally.

"I'm not saying she's not responsible for her actions, but it's the addict talking - she's not doing what she'd normally do," he defended her to more! magazine.

"She needs to go [to rehab] now."

At 26, Lindsay is just one year younger than Amy Winehouse was when she tragically passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011.

The worried patriarch fears his daughter could be heading the same way as Amy and others who died at 27, such as Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.

"I hate to refer to Amy Winehouse, but she was so talented and wouldn't listen either, then she passed away," he sighed.

"I don't want that to happen to my daughter. Lindsay turns 27 in July. How many other kids have died at that age of overdoses? It's a fear that sticks in my head. I'm always sitting by my phone."

Michael has a famously rocky relationship with his ex-wife and Lindsay's mother, Dina.

He thinks their messy split could be to blame for the young star's downfall.

"It went wrong for Lindsay when I got divorced from my ex Dina, so of course I feel I'm to blame," he confessed.

"I look at pictures of when she was 18, just before my divorce and when she filmed Mean Girls, then I look at photos from each year after that and they tell a sad story."

Lindsay has until May 2 to check into rehab.

Michael opened up about the moment after the court verdict and comforting an upset Lindsay.

"Seeing her like that was horrible. I was heartbroken," he revealed.

"When I held her in the hotel room, right after court, it's not the same Lindsay I used to hold. She's just not all there."

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