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Lindsay Lohan in pregnancy riddle

Lindsay Lohan has confused her online followers by claiming she’s pregnant on Twitter.

The troubled star hit the headlines recently after a court ordered her to spend 90 days in rehab. This came following her no contest plea to misdemeanour charges of reckless driving, lying to authorities and obstructing police from performing their duties following a car crash last year.

Now the actress had set the rumour mill into overdrive by writing a shocking post on Twitter.

“Its official. Pregnant... (sic),” she informed her followers three hours ago.

Whereas Lindsay hasn’t added any further messages to clear up her last post, it could be that she’s using prankster holiday April Fools’ Day to trick her fans.

April 1 marks a day of playing jokes and the 26-year-old may have embraced the occasion.

Her message was posted at 10.30pm Pacific Standard Time, meaning it was still the first day of April when she wrote it.

The star is currently dating singer Avi Snow, who revealed a little about their relationship recently.

“She's really awesome, and she's a lot of fun,” he smiled to E! News, suggesting they weren’t ready to get serious quite yet.

Over the Easter weekend, Lindsay was spotted having fun in Brazil.

The redhead was snapped smoking a cigarette as she partied, dressed in a super-short skirt.

Despite her order to spend time in rehab, it doesn’t look like Lindsay has left her wild ways behind.

According to an insider, the star vomited while filming a scene for Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management TV show last week.

"She had to get up early to shoot the scenes before she flew out to Brazil," a source told New York Daily News. "She looked hungover and puked in the parking lot."

Lindsay has until May 2 to check into rehab.

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