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Friday 18 April 2014

Lindsay Lohan 'leaves rehab till last minute'

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is unlikely to enter rehab until the last minute, it has been claimed.

The actress has been sentenced to 90 days treatment in connection to a car crash last year. She needs to enter a facility by May 2, or appear in Los Angeles Superior Court with her lawyer Mark Heller. However, it has been claimed Lindsay is yet to settle on a treatment centre and won’t make a decision until the last minute.

“She’ll probably go to rehab on Wednesday night, so she can avoid coming to court,” a source told New York Post. “She likes to wait until the 11th hour, or even the 12th hour.”

The 26-year-old star has gained a reputation for her bad timekeeping.

She was around an hour late for her last court appearance after flying from New York to Los Angeles in a private jet.

Charlie Sheen recently revealed Lindsay kept cast and crew waiting on the set of his sitcom Anger Management after she turned up a “couple of hours late” to shoot her cameo appearance.

Insiders claim Lindsay is in no rush to check into a treatment facility.

“She’s a drama queen. She feeds off this last-minute frenzy,” a source added.

Earlier this week, Lindsay went to watch Alec Baldwin in the Broadway production of The Orphans. She was accompanied by Saudi movie producer Mohammed Al Turki, and the pair arrived 45 minutes late for the performance.

The star is clearly making the most of her free time before she enters rehab next week. As well as a theatre trip on Tuesday, Lindsay recently attended the Coachella music festival in California with her brother – and insists she remained sober.

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