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Lindsay Lohan ‘rehab rules’ revealed

Details of the kind of rules Lindsay Lohan will have to stick to in rehab have emerged.

The actress has been ordered to spend 90 days in a lockdown treatment facility after pleading no contest to charges including lying to police. This was in relationship to a car crash she was involved in last year, while she was on probation for a jewellery theft.

There have been conflicting reports about where Lindsay will complete her rehab stint. Initially she was expected to check in to a place in New York City, although that's not been confirmed.

Wherever she goes, it's been claimed the rules will be tough and if she breaks them the star will be heading to jail.

"Even using her cell phone or laptop is banned," a source told Heat magazine. "She'd have to do stuff like clean bathrooms or sweep the floor to get a phone call back home."

Another issue is that Lindsay apparently doesn't believe she needs professional help, or has addiction issues.

"Lindsay has no-one with her best interests at heart," the insider said. "She is surrounded by hangers on, who are a lot older than her and are just there for the party lifestyle. I've seen Lindsay out with them and she just looks lost."

The 26-year-old star will likely have to get up at 6am and shower with other patients. Although most sleep in rooms of 20, it's thought she will be isolated due to her status.

"Lindsay will be assigned to menial jobs, like kitchen and laundry duties," the source said. "If she refuses to do any job, she faces expulsion - and jail."

There are conflicting reports about whether Lindsay will actually make it to rehab. Although her lawyer Mark Heller promised she would go to a lockdown facility as part of her plea deal, it's been suggested there is no place which would force her to stay. This means she could end up serving her sentence in prison.

The star has had a busy week, including shooting scenes for Charlie Sheen's TV show Anger Management this week. There have been conflicting reports about her behaviour on set, after she apparently wowed on the first day but then turned up late on Tuesday.

The star has now jetted to Brazil, where it's thought she will earn a six-figure sum for promoting a fashion line.

"just landed in #Brazil! so beautifulllll (sic)," she wrote on Twitter this afternoon.

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