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Lindsay Lohan ‘wants to keep dad around’

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t want to cut father Michael out of her life as she views him to be a positive influence in her life.

The Canyons actress was released from her court-ordered stint at a rehabilitation facility earlier this week.

It is rumoured that just before she exited the treatment centre Lindsay compiled a list of pals who she believed were not good to be around.

TMZ reports that her father Michael Lohan is not on the list despite their tumultuous history.

According to the website Lindsay considers her dad to be a “positive influence on her” and she considers family to be “really important”.

It is also reported that Michael was actually present during the therapy session in which Lindsay compiled the “bad list”, with the star’s younger brother Michael Jr. also lending support.

Michael has a famously rocky relationship with his ex-wife and Lindsay's mother, Dina.

Weeks after Lindsay entered her sixth stint in rehab in May, the former spouses engaged in an explosive verbal altercation while taping US talk show The Test.

The conflict-resolution programme resolves issues through both DNA and lie detector tests and it is reported Dina refused to participate in any of these examinations. Apparently Michael and Dina were feuding about infidelity, Lindsay’s criminal history and numerous other family problems.

Michael has previously taken responsibility for his daughter’s downward spiral.

"It went wrong for Lindsay when I got divorced from my ex Dina, so of course I feel I'm to blame," he confessed to more! magazine previously.

"I look at pictures of when she was 18, just before my divorce and when she filmed Mean Girls, then I look at photos from each year after that and they tell a sad story."

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