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Lindsay Lohan was ‘sex scene trouper’

The Canyons writer Bret Easton Ellis claims Lindsay Lohan “got cold feet” before shooting the film’s foursome scene.

The actress stars in director Paul Schrader’s highly erotic thriller The Canyons opposite adult film actor James Deen.

The controversial noir picture features Lindsay in the nude often and she was involved in fully naked four-way sex scene with James in the picture.

The Canyons screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis claims Lindsay was aware of the explicit nature of the movie from the outset.

However the American Psycho author does admit she found performing some of the lewd acts a challenge.

"Well look everyone has a contract where they specify what they are comfortable with and what they are not comfortable with,” Bret told MTV News.

“So her contract was gone through quite carefully. Signing on for that role she completely knew that that was going to be part of it, and I think the first discussion with Lindsay was about the nudity and the film's sexuality and she had no problem with it. She said 'Let's do it.’ And then of course I guess she got cold feet at the foursome scene. But what can I say? She was a trouper."

Last year Lindsay sent Bret into a fury after she apparently flaked on an important “looping” session for the film.

Whilst complaining about Lindsay’s absenteeism he alluded to Patrick Bateman, the protagonist in American Psycho who slaughters several women during a serial-killing frenzy.

"Patrick Bateman has just headed over to Lindsay Lohan's hotel to confront her as to why she missed her f**king ADR on The Canyons today..." Bret wrote on Twitter.

The Canyons is currently in theatres and Lindsay is getting straight back to work after ending her three-month stint in court-ordered rehab on Tuesday July 30.

She is guest hosting Chelsea Handler’s talk show Chelsea Lately on Monday August 5. Lindsay will also do a post-treatment interview with Oprah Winfrey along with an eight-part documentary for OWN Network.

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