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Lindsay Lohan's dad defends her talent

Lindsay Lohan's father has slammed her critics, calling her "one of the best" actresses around.

The troubled star's highly publicised movie Liz & Dick premiered in America last night, marking her return to acting following stints in rehab and legal battles.

Lindsay portrays Dame Elizabeth Taylor in the movie, which focuses on the screen legend's tumultuous relationship with Richard Burton.

The film and Lindsay's performance has been widely panned by fans and critics, with a San Francisco Chronicle writer urging people to "ice your face when it's over to ease the pain wincing for two hours".

The 26-year-old's dad Michael Lohan has stepped in to insist his daughter showed why she is a star during her stint on the small screen.

"You proved the critics wrong@LindsayLohan you are one of the best, so gifted, so amazing! Now apply it ALL! God bless you! And our family!" he wrote on Twitter.

"she@lindsaylohan is absolutely amazing! Nobody could have done a better job (sic)!"

Michael then seemed to realise many people weren't so taken by Lindsay's turn as the legendary actress. Seemingly annoyed people were being negative about his daughter, Michael again showed his support for her.

"All the critics should find new jobs!They know nothing about@lindsaylohan talent!She has more talent in her pinky then all of them together (sic)," he fumed.

Lindsay has also been interacting with people on Twitter. She promoted Liz & Dick heavily on the site and asked her followers to get in touch with questions while it was airing.

"All her jewels were beautiful!Liz had great style & taste & though she had exquisite pieces I can't pick just 1# (sic)," she told one fan, before adding to another: " 2 get 2 feel like 1 of the most amazing women in the world was a thrill all around & wearing the jewels wasn't bad! (sic)"

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