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Lionel Richie: I record in hats

Lionel Richie records songs wearing "special" hats.

The singer has revealed his quirkiest habit is a love of headwear when making music. In fact he insists of donning hats for every track he produces.

"...I can't record a song unless I have a special hat on my head," he told UK magazine Q.

"That's probably the strangest thing about me - I have my charmed hats that I have to have before I can record. It's either a beanie or it's a tennis hat. We all have our things."

Despite his stringent hat-wearing trait, the 62-year-old star has become more laid-back about his work. When he's not putting in the hours he likes to kick back, just like his hit song, Easy, which includes the famous lyrics, "Easy like Sunday morning."

"Well you know what? I am still easy on a Sunday morning," he said.

"That's probably the only time I can relax completely. After that, I'm back to the grind."

However the All Night Long artist admits he used to be uptight as a young man. He says is happier and calmer these days.

"I don't think I've become grumpier," he said.

"Actually, I've gotten to the point where I'm a little bit more relaxed. The grumpiest only came when I was young and I was trying to get 50 million things done at one time. Now I've gotten to the point where those things I can change, I will, and those that I can't, I don't care about anymore."

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