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Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall defends her tweet against bombing in Syria

Jade Thirlwall is an advocate of free speech.

Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall is not remorseful about speaking out against bombing in Syria.

On 2 December (15) the pop star wrote on her Twitter account, "Truly saddened and ashamed by the vote tonight. So, so sorry to the innocent people of Syria xxjadexx (sic)". In this post she is referencing a decision by members of the UK government to use military force for airstrikes in the Middle Eastern country.

Jade doesn't care if she caused controversy with the comment because she believes it's imperative to use her celebrity status to call attention to current events.

“If our opinions can positively influence our younger fans to want to be more aware of what’s going on in the world, that can only be a good thing," she told British newspaper The Mirror.

Jade claims she did not receive a rebuke from her management for making the political statement.

Even though Little Mix is one of the world's biggest pop sensations right now, Jade insists higher ups are not interested in suffocating bandmembers' free speech, no matter the topic.

“We have free reign on social media to say what we think and how we feel," she said. "There are touchy subjects we want to talk about. We’re allowed to have opinions. Just because we’re pop stars it doesn’t mean we’re not entitled to our opinions. People are going to mock what I say anyway. People like to think stars don’t have a brain and can’t have an opinion on anything political."

Although Jade is aware of her criticisers, the star has also managed to attract a surprising group of supporters for her political commentary.

“Every woman I’ve spoken to has been lovely about it," she smiled.

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