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Liv Tyler ‘feared secret filming’

Liv Tyler reportedly found it "scary" when she suspected a woman of filming her at a Stella McCartney event earlier this week.

The actress was attending designer Stella McCartney's Spring 2014 presentation on Monday when the incident occurred. She spotted a fellow guest wearing Google Glass - a headset that has smartphone-like functions including the ability to record videos, take photos and receive messages. Liv reportedly feared the lady was capturing her every move on film.

“Liv practically accosted a woman wearing Google Glass,” a source told New York Post. “She stopped and said, ‘Is that a camera on your glasses? That’s scary. Are you filming right now?’”

The woman quickly reassured Liv that she had not been filming her and explained more about the Google Glass.

Stella's team also got involved with the conversation, with worldwide head of communications Stephane Jaspar even trying on the glasses himself.

He decided to diffuse the situation by speaking to the lady and was happy to resolve the matter.

“I think it is always better to let someone know first if you are filming if you carry around new technology on your face... and yes, that’s why I stepped in. The woman proved friendly and nice... it was just a little bit awkward,” he said.

The presentation took place at Jefferson Market Garden in New York City and attracted a host of stars including Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Naomi Watts and Julianne Moore.

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