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Liv Tyler: I feel creatively fulfilled again

Liv Tyler feels "excited" about what the future has to offer.

The 37-year-old star made her big screen debut in 1994's Silent Fall and has gone on to conquer the world of film, with roles in successful features such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Alongside this she has been raising her son Milo, who she gave birth to in 2004 with then-husband Royston Langdon.

Liv's latest role in TV series The Leftovers has also opened more doors for her, and she feels grateful for the success.

"I'm in a new phase of my life - it's a whole new chapter. I feel excited because it all feels new again somehow. I feel creatively fulfilled in a way that I haven't felt for a few years. I remember my grandmother kept saying to me: the best is yet to come, it hasn't come yet," she told, referring to her mom Bebe Buell's mother Dorothea Johnson. "And she meant that with love and with work, and Milo and everything, and I would say: Really Gigi? How's that possible? I can't see it.

"But now I'm here, and it’s true. I've been doing this for over 20 years or something totally bonkers, and there's been different waves and moment. Sometimes you lose your way a little, or something changes, and all you can do is be completely authentic and true to yourself and follow your heart."

Having made a name for herself in the film industry, alongside dipping her toe into fashion, Liv has achieved a lot over the years. However, she makes a point to let projects come to her rather than seeking them out.

"I believe so much in fate with movies and projects, and that when it's meant to be, you find something or something finds you. I've been so happy just being home and being a good mom and going to work - my plate's been perfectly full, and I haven't wanted any seconds," she smiled.

"I would say that I'm quietly ambitious, but I'm not aggressively ambitious. I have a tremendous amount of goals and dreams, but I believe that everything happens when it's meant to happen and you can't force that hand. Sometimes there are such great lessons in the moments when you're in the waiting room."

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