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Liz Hurley: I enjoy fantasies

Liz Hurley has found playing a fictional queen fun

The glamorous star takes on the role Queen Helena in new US show The Royals, about an imaginary British royal family.

Parallels have been drawn between some of the characters and real life royalty, with Prince Harry and James Middleton (the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge) similar to the fictional roles.

"I have no trepidation [about Buckingham Palace’s reaction] because after five seconds of watching our version, you know it’s not real, you know it’s fictitious," Liz told British newspaper London Evening Standard.

“That’s where the fun lay for us - it’s not so much fun to be playing somebody who really exists. It’s much more fun to fantasise.”

She also denies the show is anti-monarchist, with Liz admitting she loves the British royal family and sees them as movie stars.

Talking about Queen Helena, the 49-year-old reveals she was inspired by a variety of famous females.

"I like to think how Princess Diana could have looked and dressed had she ever become the Queen of England," she explained. "There was also Cruella de Vil."

The show boasts saucy sex scenes, wild behaviour and even a murder plot. The premise may get male viewers excited, but Liz divulges she won't be seen in any state of undress.

“You see a great deal more of my children in their lingerie than you do of me, I’m happy to say. Those days are behind me," she smiled.

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