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Liz Hurley: Royals are A-list

Liz Hurley hopes Britain's royals aren't "bored senseless" when they meet her.

The actress is getting her own taste of the regal life as Queen Helena in TV show The Royals.

And she thinks in real life, she and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II may have more in common than people think - even if she might seem dull compared to the 88-year-old monarch.

“I see the royal family as being kind of in show business. I don’t know if we bore them senseless when they talk to us," she explained to British newspaper Daily Star.

The 49-year-old star has been lucky enough to meet a few of the royal family, adding she's a huge fan of Prince Charles. And every experience has been enjoyable.

“All the ones I’ve met do a phenomenal job of being fabulous to their humble subjects," she smiled.

Liz also hopes the royals will enjoy her new drama series, which is currently planned to premiere on US channel E! in March, but is also hoping to make a UK debut.

The Royals is based on a fictional regal English family, with Dame Joan Collins making an appearance as the Grand Duchess of Oxford. It's already been renewed for a second season by E!

It sounds like fans can look forward to plenty of fun and scandals on the upcoming show.

“It has the big element of Dynasty, it’s a family drama, it’s rich, there’s intrigue,” Liz previously said. “But it has an atmosphere of Gossip Girl too – there’s a lot of youth, there’s a lot of beautiful youth, and they’re getting up to things that beautiful youths get up to.”

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