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Lizzy Caplan freaked out by naked friends

Lizzy Caplan has thought about how "weird" it would be if seeing each other naked was a normal requirement of friendship.

The brunette beauty stars in small screen hit Masters of Sex, which first aired in 2013 and is currently gearing up to release its third series.

It isn't unusual for Lizzy to see co-stars such as Michael Sheen and Teddy Sears bare all during filming, as the drama follows the pioneers of the sexual revolution. But that's not to say the actress has come to terms with it fully yet.

"I was at work at 5am, totally naked. That's kinda what we do there, and it's strange 'cos we're all friends now - we've known each other for years, three years, and it's a very odd thing to have seen your friends not only naked, but naked and pretending to have sex with each other," she told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. "I had a moment of clarity about that, that that's weird and if that was a pre-requisite for normal friendships... You'd have to send me a video of yourself. It would be [more fun]."

Jimmy's ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman appeared in two episodes of the programme last year and one scene involved a steamy session with another woman. When Lizzy brought it up while talking to the host, he joked how that "wasn't fair" as he asked her to sleep with a female for years during their time together.

Jon Hamm, who also appeared on the talk show, shared some words of wisdom.

"Jimmy, you have to understand - these are masters of sex," he quipped.

Jon has found fame through TV as well, playing the role of Don Draper in Mad Men from its beginnings in 2007 until it came to an end this year.

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