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Lizzy Caplan: Mean Girls success evaded me

Lizzy Caplan prefers dive bars to clubs.

The 32-year-old first came to prominence opposite Lindsay Lohan in the 2004 film Mean Girls. But while other stars in the film such as Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried quickly capitalised on their success, Lizzy didn't have as many doors open for her. Taking drastic action, she changed her look, and it something the actress now regrets.

"The reality was, I didn't work for a year," she revealed to the British version of Marie Claire. "I bit the bullet, dyed my hair blonde and got a fake tan. But I felt like I was selling out."

It was a move that did pay off though, and after starring in films like Cloverfield and Hot Tub Time Machine, Lizzy received an Emmy nomination earlier this year for her work on TV series Masters of Sex.

While she is getting the recognition she craved, the brunette beauty has no intention of joining the sometimes notorious Hollywood party scene.

"I was thinking the other day how relieved I am that I'll never have to go to someone's birthday party in a club ever again," she added. "I'm much more of a dive-bar person."

Despite Lizzy initially starting out in comedy TV show Freaks and Geeks, she is relishing the chance to play real-life sexual revolutionary Virginia Johnson opposite Welsh actor Michael Sheen.

"So often we're forced to play two-dimensional representations of women," she said. "I don't know any women like that... I certainly wouldn't want to spend time with them."

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