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Lohan's dad blames himself

Lindsay Lohan's father Michael feels he is responsible for his daughter's troubled behaviour.

The American actress completed a court-ordered 90-day stint in rehab earlier this year stemming from a car accident in Santa Monica, California, in 2012.

In addition to this she has also been convicted of other crimes such as theft and probation violation in the past.

Speaking out about his troubled daughter, Michael Lohan admitted he feels responsible for Lindsay's troubles and believes his divorce from the star’s mom Dina in 2007 had a dramatic effect on her behaviour.

"I think because of [mine and Dina's] divorce and what happened, Lindsay was put in a horrible position," he told TMZ when asked what triggered Lindsay's drastic change in lifestyle.

His statement came just hours after his ex-wife pleaded not guilty in court to driving under the influence (DUI) in New York earlier this month.

She was reported to have been speeding at 77 mph in a 55 zone and her blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit.

The judge suspended Dina's license and denied her bail after the incident.

Her lawyer Mark Heller insisted the mother-of-four has no criminal record and is a loyal Long Island resident. He kept quiet about her allegations and Dina, who wore a fitted shift dress with a navy blue overcoat, didn't comment on her ordeal.

"Dina Lohan is painfully mindful of the gravity of her arrest for driving while intoxicated," he told reporters outside the court. "I am confident that the district attorney's office and the judicial system will temper justice with mercy."

Dina is also allegedly at risk of losing her $1.3 million Long Island home to foreclosure after failing to make mortgage payments.

Court paperwork states that Dina "has failed to comply with the conditions of the mortgage... by failing to pay portions of principal, interest or taxes, assessments, water rates, insurance premiums, escrow and/or other charges".

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