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Thursday 2 October 2014

Lohan's finished work on her house

Lindsay Lohan says she looks forward to getting back to work

Lindsay Lohan has used her time under house arrest to finish decorating.

The 24-year-old says that since being confined to her 3,000-square-foot home in Venice Beach, California, she's caught up on movies and TV shows, stayed out of the public eye and, most importantly, had time to finish work on her house and patio.

"I probably wouldn't have done it had I not been home," she says in an interview in Life & Style magazine.

Lindsay is serving house arrest on a 120-day jail sentence for violating her probation in a 2007 drunken driving case by taking a necklace without permission from a jewellery store in January. She began serving her sentence last month, and is expected to serve about 35 days.

She says that while not ideal, she treasures these moments alone in her home.

"There are so many things you can do," she says. "It's a nice way to just be reading scripts and focusing on what I'm going to do next."

But the actress says she cannot wait to resume doing things that she had taken for granted, like walking in the neighbourhood, going shopping or dining out. Her recent request to leave her home to attend her brother's 16th birthday party was denied, she says, which "bummed her out."

In the interview, Lindsay also addresses criticism that she got off easy with house arrest by saying it's a common punishment. She says it's a better alternative to a 12-by-8-foot jail cell at the Lynwood facility.

"It's a scary place and a place that I don't wish on anyone," she says.

Lindsay claims that she no longer drinks, but falls short of saying she'll stay out of nightclubs, adding: "I don't think you should ever say never,".

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