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Longoria's death stunt

Eva Longoria suffered bumps and bruises while filming her short action movie Out of the Blue.

The American actress stars in and directs short action flick Out of the Blue. She plays a sassy female assassin and can be seen leaping into the air and karate-chopping a blonde woman before being thrown into a book case by her enemy.

Even though she was on wires at all times during filming, Eva admits there were aches and pains along the way.

"I almost killed myself," she revealed during an appearance on TV show The View. 'I'm oooold... I hurt my back, I hurt my hip."

The movie is part of the Ron Howard Canon Project Imaginat10n short films and also stars Jamie Foxx. Eva, 38, loved being behind the camera and thinks it's just as fun as being an actress.

"I love directing and producing. I prefer it, actually," she mused.

Later on during the show the brunette star was embarrassed by an old photo of herself as part of their Throwback Thursday routine. Eva can be seen grinning behind a thick fringe.

Defending the humorous picture she insisted her funny locks were because she was the youngest of four and her parents weren't as good at documenting her life as they were with her siblings.

"I never brushed my hair, I was a tomboy, but on picture day a teacher pulled me out of line and gave me ponytails and brushed my bangs, I remember that," she laughed. "I usually had messy hair."

With Halloween coming up Eva is looking forward to dressing her siblings' kids. She always makes sure to create their costumes herself and shared a photo of a Little Red Riding Hood cape she stitched together.

"I make them every year," she smiled.

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