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Louis is 1D’s biggest joker

Niall Horan says Louis Tomlinson is the biggest prankster in One Direction, and can’t resist having fun when the band are on tour.

The band rarely spend a week when they’re not on tour. And in a new interview, Niall Horan has revealed just who has the most fun on the road.

“Louis is a messer,” Niall told “He’s always at something. Recently he was on stage just throwing water at everyone. And Harry [Styles] always throws water at the crowd.”

Louis takes every opportunity to share a joke with his bandmates. During a recent trip to Los Angeles, the floppy-haired singer took his jesting to the extreme.

“We were in LA a little while ago and we rented this car,” Niall said. “[Louis] covered my car in toilet paper!”

Louis was also questioned about his pranks in the band interview. While the star does enjoy throwing water and toilet papering cars, there is one joke that he finds the most amusing.

“It’s normally pretty standard! If someone falls asleep they get drawn on…” Louis laughed. “Food thrown on them… Me and Liam had a water fight the other day.”

As well as their musical commitments, One Direction have just launched their new perfume Between Us.

It was recently claimed that the four-piece band are keen to follow in the footsteps of the Rolling Stones by enjoying success as a group as well as as soloists.

"The boys know that by sticking together they can still pursue everything they want to do as a foursome, as well as individually," a source told "And there's no reason why they can't have lifetime careers both as a group and working on their own solo projects – just like the Stones.

“The Stones are a huge inspiration for the whole group, and they are huge fans."

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