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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Louis Smith: I'm looking for love

Louis Smith says he's looking for love

Louis Smith has confessed he is keen to settle down with a girl who will cosy up in front of the TV with him.

The 23-year-old Olympic gymnast and Strictly Come Dancing contestant is currently single, but is looking for love.

Louis revealed: "I do need to find someone. I'm not sure yet whether it's better to find someone in the same industry as me or someone completely under the radar."

He added: "What I really like is, when I finally get a day off, on a Sunday I just want to chill. Wake up with my girlfriend, stick the kettle on, get the blanket, chill out on the sofa, watch some movies, no make up, not having to impress. Just chilling."

Louis admitted: "I am quite shy. I'll only go to talk to a girl if I'm feeling extra confident and that is normally after a few beers."

The silver medallist also revealed he needs someone to keep him company in his new country home, which he has helped design himself.

Louis revealed: "I've pretty much finished building a house - got the windows and doors going in.

"I helped design it, I added little tweaks. I did it way before the Olympics and left my mum in charge.

"I've got two gothic stained glass windows in the living room and the angels [tattoos] from my back are in the glass."

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