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Lovato loves lesbian role

Demi Lovato credits Glee star Naya Rivera with helping her to accurately depict gay character.

The 21-year-old actress and singer makes a cameo as character Dani in the hit musical TV series.

She appreciates the opportunity to depict a gay woman onscreen, especially since American gays have recently won equal marriage rights.

"Figuring out how to represent that community [was a unique challenge]... it's been pretty awesome to represent that on primetime TV," she told MTV News.

Demi's character has a crush on Naya Rivera's persona, Santana.

Demi loved working with Naya and she thinks her co-star is a huge source of inspiration.

"Well I took a meeting so before I even booked the role. I knew what the role was going to be, and [Naya Rivera and I] had an awesome time working together," Demi gushed. "She's such a bada**; I love her. And I've been friends with a lot of the people from the cast beforehand, so I feel right at home."

Demi turned 21 on August 21 and the star went on a wild adventure to celebrate the milestone.

"I just celebrated my 21st birthday in Africa," she told Us Weekly magazine. "Kenya is my favourite place."

Demi has been in an incredible mood since officially becoming of age in the US and she is sharing her enthusiasm with everyone who crosses her path.

"I like to have random conversations with people at red lights to make them smile," she shared.

The fourth season of Glee will begin airing this month.

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