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Love files daughter lawsuit

Courtney Love reportedly believes her former lawyer “ruined” her relationship with daughter Frances Bean.

The American musician hired attorney Rhonda J. Holmes in 2008 when she was trying to track down a huge sum of money taken from the home of her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

TMZ holds court records from the proceedings, in which Courtney writes Rhonda spent months on the case. However, the singer states Rhonda was apparently "too busy" with other things to come to any real conclusions during the time investigating.

Courtney continues to accuse her former lawyer of writing secret letters to her and Kurt's daughter, Frances Bean. She was just 16 at the time and the court documents say Rhonda told the then-teenager about a "very scary conspiracy", as well as warning her that bad people were after her.

"The sooner I have your support and hence the support of your Trust Fund, the sooner I can ease this matter out of your Mom's hands," Rhonda reportedly writes in her letter to Frances.

It was only two years later when Courtney discovered the hand-written notes and is now accusing Rhonda of breaching her attorney-client confidentially. She also believes the claims made in the letter have damaged the relationship between herself and her daughter as Rhonda seemed to be trying to convince Frances that her mom was making wrong decisions.

These events have led Courtney to sue her former legal representative for malpractice, claiming emotional stress along with other things.

Frances was put into her grandmother and aunt's care in 2009 and was given a temporary restraining order against her mother following allegations of "domestic violence".

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