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Love Hewitt: Pregnancy is magical

Jennifer Love Hewitt says her second pregnancy has turned her into Betty White.

The 36-year-old actress is expecting her second child with husband Brian Hallisay.

Jennifer is already mother to one-year-old Autumn with Brian, but says she will never tire of the feeling of carrying her own child.

"Pregnancy is magical,” she told American Baby magazine. “I'm grateful. It's not lost on me what a gift it is to be able to get pregnant."

Jennifer and Brian’s friendship turned to romance after he starred on actress’ short-lived television programme The Client List.

But the stunning brunette admits that pregnancy has meant that the couple’s date nights are somewhat different than in the initial stages of their relationship.

"Date night looks a lot like DVR, some sort of brought-in dinner substance or me cooking, and right now I go to bed at like 8:15,” she said. “So it's a lot like being married to Betty White!”

Jennifer snapped back into shape quickly following the birth of baby Autumn in November 2013. While she is suffering from various cravings, she admits her main problem this time around is that she just wants to eat everything.

“Pickles for me this time have actually been a thing,” she said. “ I sort of just like the things that I normally like, but more of it. I'm a big jalapeno person when I'm pregnant, which I like anyway. Italian food, which I kind of like anyway. You know cake, hotdogs, you name it really. Pretty much anything."

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