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Love Island star Tom Powell's ex set to stir things up

Love Island is set to get an explosive new arrival when Emma-Jane Woodham, the ex-girlfriend of Tom Powell, turns up in Mallorca.

Love Island couple Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon are "120 per cent fake", according to his ex-girlfriend Emma-Jane Woodham

Welshman Tom and former Miss Great Britain Sophie have been paired up since the beginning and recently made their relationship official on the show. But their romance could be rocked by the arrival of Emma, who is set to make an appearance on the ITV2 series in the very near future.

Emma and Tom split in December (15) after she found out he'd been texting his ex. While Emma told the Radio Times a reconciliation is unlikely, she did say she doesn't think he's right for Sophie.

"I think Sophie’s lovely. I think she can do better than Tom," she said. "She seems genuine - she seems very sweet, very down to earth, very mature… all the things that Tom’s not."

And while Sophie and Tom appeared to have conquered the problems in their relationship, Emma doesn't think their romance is for real.

"It is completely fake. 120 per cent fake," she said. "They’re settling for each other. I think he’s very quick to get feelings anyway. He sort of deludes himself that after 20 minutes he’s in love with someone, but for her, I definitely thinks she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place: she doesn’t necessarily want to be with Tom, but she doesn’t want to be on her own either."

Sophie's arrival in the villa has yet to be aired. But speaking before she jetted off to Love Island, she admitted she isn't looking forward to seeing Tom for the first time since their break-up.

"He’s going to hate it," she said. "I think the initial conversation will be quite awkward and maybe slightly heated. I think he’ll be quite angry and then I think he’ll probably make it his mission to go round the guys and try and convince everybody else not to crack onto me because he wouldn’t want to see me with another guy."

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