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Lowe: Handsome Men’s Club is wonderful!

Rob Lowe and John Stamos have joked about being in a relationship “for years”.

The 51-year-old actor is admired for his dashing good looks, something he shares in common with Full House actor John, also 51. During a panel show for his new show The Grinder, Rob was asked if he had ever bonded with his peer over their “criminal” handsomeness.

“As a founding member of Jimmy Kimmel's Handsome Men's Club, Stamos has been up for membership. So far, the board hasn't voted him in yet,” Rob joked. "Sting is really lobbying hard on his behalf. David Beckham has blackballed him every time he's gotten close. I am looking forward to when John eventually makes it in. It's a wonderful club."

John, who was also at the event to speak about his new comedy Grandfathered, then comically yelled out from the back of the ballroom.

“Rob, tell the truth, we've dated for years!" he called.

After much hilarity, Rob was asked if the handsome pair had ever spent time together. The former Brat Packer admits he isn’t sure, but there’s a possibility they had crossed paths before thanks to John’s connection to the Beach Boys.

“There's a rumour that in my lost decade that I may or may not have sat on the lifeguard tower on the Beach Boys concert as John was playing the drums," he quipped. "There's talks I did it. I've seen footage of it. But I have very little memory. Yes, that was my John Stamos moment. And he's a hell of a drummer!"

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